30 days of raw completed… let’s start 30 days of raw!


April Raw Food Challenge – Day 1 and a fresh start…

I was doing so well with my first month of raw until the final week when I’m afraid that I fell off the raw wagon into the vegan one.  Whilst this isn’t a truly far fall, I did also fall back into a habit of eating at night and eating far too many sweet things.  I’m coming out the other side of it feeling quite rubbishy so looking forward to renewing my commitment this month.  I could get very introspective on why we don’t stick to commitments and why we tend to eat things that we know aren’t good for us, but it just comes down to simple fact – sometimes we do what’s good for us and sometimes we don’t.  In the end, we hope that it balances out in our favour and that the days we eat well far outnumber the days we don;t.
I for one am looking forward to 30 days that do.  Here’s what I’m aiming for:
- continue with no caffeine (kept this up for the full 30 days – yay me!)
- focus on limiting any sugary food, including dates, figs, raisins, etc. For me, these are trigger foods that are very difficult to stop eating.
- no eating at night
- 80-90% raw.  I may occasionally like to add a baked sweet potato to my salad, or perhaps might enjoy some cooked hummus.  In any case, I want to keep things mostly raw, but not cause grief if I can’t do 100%.
I’m on a quest to discover a sustainable way of eating that works for me long-term.
To keep me accountable, I will keep a food diary of what I eat each day here.
Here’s what I had today:
B: Cocoa banana smoothie with two heads of bok choi (used bok choi because I ran out of spinach – not recommended)
L: Two veggie wraps in nori wrapper with hummus
S: handful of dehydrated banana chips and a few cashews
D: Cauliflower and Avocado nori wraps with jalepano hummus and a slice of rye bread
P: A small cocoa banana smoothie with spinach to make up for my weird one this morning.

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