30 days of raw… day 12

Day 12 and going fairly strong.

Went to a party on Saturday and had a couple of drinks which I paid for by sneezing all night, but other than that it’s been raw all the way.

The biggest discoveries for me thus far, other than the fact that I’ve managed to stick with it, are:

1. It’s okay to be a bit hungry – in fact, your body prefers to be hungry before you eat! I think in the past I was eating whenever I was even just a tiny bit hungry and as a result never really was. By having my smoothie in the morning and then waiting until lunch for my next meal I certainly appreciate it more. Being hungry before I eat is something that I will continue to practice throughout these 30 days.

2. The perfect alternative to a latte at Starbucks is the vanilla Rooibos tea with foamy soy milk. Sprinkled with cinnamon. Looks like a latte, but without all the caffeine.

3. I love anything in a sushi wrap. The perfect 5-minute raw meal is to create thin, long slices of whatever veg I’ve got in the fridge, add some avocado and roll it all up in a nori wrap. Filling and fast.

On the personal health front, my allergies are under control again and
I don’t seem to be hitting any sugar lows or having shakiness between meals because my meals are so nutritionally filling and they seem to keep me satisfied for much longer.

I think I’m past the worst of the detox now and seem to be finding it very easy to keep this up now that I’m not longing for the things I cannot have. And really, which is tastier – a bowl of strawberries or a bitter cup of coffee?

Aimee Beimers is a qualified nutrition consultant working in the Belfast area.

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