30 days of raw… day 19

Day 19 into the raw food challenge

It’s been a funny week – dinner parties, husband out of town, kids off school, travel to London,  illness < yes, all in one week!

Throughout it all, I’ve managed to continue to eat entirely raw, but I can’t say I’ve eaten entirely only what I should be eating!  Even though I’ve stayed raw, I have ventured a bit too far into the handfuls of nuts and raw brownie territory the past five days.
I’m back on track today, but some of the bad habits that I am trying to break raised their hands for a bit of attention. Specifically, eating at night and overeating high-calorie foods.  In my case, nuts and dates (or concoctions made from both!)
I think this just goes to show that habits take a lot of practice to break and some are easier than others.  Giving up caffeine has proven to be very easy and I don’t miss it at all.  Giving up sugar and chocolate is proving harder, but I am working at it. Changes like this do take time and I will keep on remembering that I’ve made huge strides.
For me, as well as for my clients, there needs to be acceptance of steps back as well as recognition of steps forwards. Thus far, I’m quite proud that I’ve:
- managed to entirely give up coffee and tea
- stayed raw for 19 days now
- learned numerous new raw recipes that I’ll be continuing to cook post 30-days
- discovered a love of both dehydrating and fermenting
Things I need to continue to practice are:
- not eating at night
- getting enough fluids
- ensuring stress doesn’t relate to eating
One thing I’ve learned from this is a better respect for the ownership my clients have over their diets.  I may provide them with meal plans or offer recommendations for improvements, but at the end of the day the responsibility lies with them, not me.  I can merely coach and empathise.
Aimee Beimers is a qualified nutrition consultant working in the Belfast area.

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