And I thought I was brave

It’s taken me nearly a week to stop being so afraid of my new Vitamix blender. At first, it was like, WHOA! Power. The first thing I tried to make was just a simple smoothie but it scared me so much that I literally thought the machine was going to self-implode.

Of course, this was shorty following an incident with my previous blender that had smoke pouring out of the bottom. £17 does not a good blender buy.

But now, after a week of making anything that will blend including smoothies, three kinds of nut butter, lentil flour, oat flour, apple sauce, nut milks, ice cream, and grinding my coffee beans I’m a fully committed Vitamix convert. I love it. It is my friend, but the sort of friend that says ‘don’t worry about that, you just sit back and I’ll do it for you’.

Aimee Beimers is a qualified nutrition consultant working in the Belfast area.

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