Raw… the good and the bad.

 It hasn’t been nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be – in the first few days I had mild headaches from the lack of caffeine, but that’s it.

Five days into raw and I’m still going strong.

The plan I’ve been following is based on two large fruit/green smoothies a day plus a large veg-based dinner.

The things that are challenging:

1. Not ordering coffee in a cafe. I do a lot of work on my laptop in cafes and I still think that paying for coffee is better value than paying for a cup of herbal tea. In reality, this isn’t the case as coffee is just as cheap and all cafe drinks are kind of a rip off. So this actually involves just going to cafes less – better for me and better for the budget.

2. Getting through the mornings. I’m up at 5:30 am for my workout and have a litre of lemon water followed by a rooibos tea when I’m done that. At about 8:30am I’m out in the forest gathering wood and so it’s not until about 9am that I have my first smoothie. Ravenous at that point!

But it seems that if I can hold off until lunch (something that’s getting easier) then I can easily sail through the afternoons. At dinner I think I’m so happy to have food I can chew that it fills me up until bedtime.

3. Not even being able to eat at a vegan restaurant! I’m committed to this for the 30 days and I keep on saying that I can certainly stay out of restaurants for that time, or just order a large salad. So this is really not a huge challenge.

What I’m really enjoying:

1. Having someone else tell me what to eat. In our house, I am the food boss. Seriously. I decide what, when and how much. Now and then, this gets a bit tedious and I have found it really refreshing to just follow a plan and eat what I’m told. It’s like a brain break.

2. Mono-meals. For some reason, I’m really loving just having a huge bowl of one type of fruit for breakfast/lunch on the days I haven’t had the smoothies. It’s simple, simple, simple.

So that’s where I’m at now. I think I might be through the first stages of the detox, now I just have to get past the initial ‘thrill’ of being on a new foodie adventure and see if I can keep it up past the honeymoon period.


Aimee Beimers is a qualified nutrition consultant working in the Belfast area.

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